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What is Export Credit Insurance?

This facility provides risk protection to exporters against payment default by foreign buyers on goods and services exported on credit terms. With this protection, exporters have the confidence to venture into emerging markets, thereby expanding their export thrust. With the Eximbank credit insurance policy, exporters can obtain protection against political and commercial risks.

How Does It Work?

An approved Eximbank exporter submits the Declaration of Shipments and Duty Paid schedule along with the premium that is calculated per invoice value, weekly.

What are the Rates Offered by the Eximbank?

Premiums vary depending on the buyer’s credit worthiness, payment terms and the economic and political environment. Currently the premium rate ranges between 1.6% and 3.5%.


What is Raw Material Financing?

This is a short-term loan/direct financing that the Eximbank extends to an approved company to assist in the payment of inventory, may it be raw materials, semi-finished or finished products. Once goods are received, the exporter can now prepare products for local sale or export. This facility is offered at competitive rates and is designed for trade transactions that are short-term and self-liquidated.

How Does It Work?

An approved Eximbank exporter submits a supplier’s invoice and wire transfer instructions along with a request of transfer of funds to the supplier. 100% of the invoice value is then forwarded to the supplier and after the agreed tenor is passed, the exporter repays the Eximbank 100% of the invoice inclusive of interest.

What are the Terms Related to Raw Material Financing?

The tenor is customised to the exporter’s needs and usually ranges between 30 days and 270 days.

NOTE: Raw Material facilities can be discounted in Trinidad and Tobago Dollars (TTD) or United States Dollars (USD).

Advantages of Raw Material Financing?

  • The company is offered credit terms so that it can add flexibility to its cash flow and thereby manage its business more efficiently.
  • It provides extra time for the goods to clear customs and be resold before you need to pay for the goods.
  • Suppliers are ensured payment upon request from the exporter.


What is Factoring and Discounting?

This facility provides short-term financing to exporting manufacturers, distributors and service providers. Businesses receive financing in the form of a loan between 85% - 95% of the invoice value of export sales, which must be repaid from the assigned proceeds of payments from Eximbank approved buyers.
This facility aims to bridge the gap between the settlement of production costs and export sales receipts, allowing a business to accelerate cash flow and shorten operating cycles.

How Does It Work?

An approved Eximbank exporter submits all the required documents on the facility checklist related to an approved Eximbank buyer. Following this, 85% -95% of the invoice value is forwarded to the exporter and after the agreed tenor is passed the buyer repays the Eximbank 100% of the invoice value. All Eximbank fees and related interest are extracted and the difference is refunded to the exporter

What are the Terms Related to Factoring and Discounting?

The tenor is designed to fit the relationship between the exporter and their buyers. The credit period usually ranges between 30 days and 120 days Bill of Lading (B/L) or Drawdown (DD).

What are the Different Types of Factoring and Discounting Financing?

This facility can be discounted in Trinidad and Tobago Dollars (TTD) or United States Dollars (USD)

Advantages of Factoring and Discounting Financing

  • The exporter’s working capital cycle is shortened, therefore allowing for increased production levels.
  • Exporters can convert a credit sale into a cash sale, thereby freeing up their capital for further exports.


What is Asset Financing?

This facility can assist manufacturers seeking to perform equipment upgrades to improve the quality of their export products or for renovation of their premises.

What are the Terms Related to Asset Financing?

The tenor is designed to the exporter’s needs and usually ranges between one to five years.

What are the Payment Terms?

Below are the usual payment terms offered to clients:
  • Moratorium on principal
  • Interest and principal monthly
  • Interest monthly principal on maturity

Forex Facility

Please Download Application Here


  • What is the Eximbank Forex product?
    It is a new Forex facility established by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago to facilitate export expansion.
  • What role does the Government play with this Forex facility?
    The Government has enabled the Forex licence approval from the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago and provided the initial U.S.D. 100 Million.
  • Who is eligible to apply?
    Small, medium and established export manufacturers whose annual revenue does not exceed TTD100 Million.
  • If I am not an established manufacturer or exporter, can I apply for Forex?
    Yes, once you have met the criteria outlined.
  • What are the criteria?
    This facility is available to established and existing manufacturers who are currently exporting or have a confirmed export order;

    Start-ups or fledgling manufacturers with confirmed orders will also be favourably considered;

    Small to medium sized (SME) companies with annual sales from TTD$50K but not exceeding TTD$100M. Flexibility will be considered based on export percentage;

    Clients must agree to repatriate all funds obtained from exporting activity utilised by this new facility through the provision of financial records and other information the Bank would consider applicable;

    Clients must agree to wire transfer all funds to international suppliers based on confirmed client order/s or invoice documentation.
  • How do I know the approval process is transparent?
    The Eximbank remains a registered financial institution and is subject to the rules and regulations of the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago.
  • How do I apply?
    Download, complete and submit the application form from this website.